Design Global Group is an international interior design team, operating in the USA and Europe.
We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of interior design and over time we have established strong concepts of workflow and communication with clients.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to create high quality interior design, satisfying our clients' requirements and transferring their visions into the projects.

Our Philosophy

Interior design is an art of logic and it can't exist only for itself. Behind every single element in our designs, there is meaning and logic. Every element is consistent with the individual characteristics of the space and the client's requirements. The main aspects of our work are:


Creating modern stylish interiors is what we do.
We can make the spaces where you spend your time pleasurable for all senses.


But great design is not only about great style. One of the most important goals in our work is to make the spaces functional, inhabitable and comfortable.


Every element in our interiors has its function and usefulness. Creating art for art's sake is not our style.

Get in touch

If you like us, get in touch with us. Show us your space, give us your requirements and from there we'll take care for your design. Try us and you''ll see you can trust us.